Steal Our Entire Black Friday Product Promotion Blueprint!

...And Make Your Next Launch A Massive Success

Digital Businesses are remarkably simple—with almost unlimited upside.

3 weeks of planning and execution can lead to HUGE results...

IF you have a proven step-by-step playbook.

So if you want to become part of the Top 1% who run 7-figure digital product promotions, then we’d love to share ours with you...


Who Is This For?

1/ Digital Writers who plan on launching a new product in 2024—and want a bulletproof plan for getting your first 1,000 customers.

2/ Course Creators who already have a product, course, or cohort-based program for sale and want to run an all-star promotion in December going into the new year.

3/ Coaches, Consultants, Or Trainers who just want a behind-the-scenes look at how a 7-figure product launch gets executed (in under 3 weeks!).

We wish more creators & entrepreneurs open-sourced their promotion blueprints… which is why we’re sharing it with you!

Here's Everything Inside Our Product Promotion Blueprint

1) Private Espresso Hour Recording ($150 Value)

Right before our Black Friday campaign went live, we recorded a private podcast episode ONLY for people who purchase our Product Promotion Blueprint.

In this episode, we cover:

How we came up with the idea for Full Stack Writer, and our framework for reverse-engineering lucrative digital product ideas.

All the different assets we had to create for the launch, and how we executed our own Full Stack Writer playbook to do it.

Our viral Click-To-Tweet flywheel, prompting thousands of potential customers to talk about the product for two weeks leading up to the launch.

Our open/close cart strategy, and why we reframed our “$100 discount” as an upgrade credit (along with a couple other secret pricing techniques).

And more!

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2) Access To Our Raw Product Launch Files ($100 Value)

Want to REALLY see how promotions like this get executed? They’re messier than you might think!

We’ll share with you our entire planning document… UNEDITED… which includes:

Our asset creation list

Short social video scripts

VSL scrips for landing pages

Early landing page rough drafts

Newsletter ad copy & CTA/autoplug copy

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3) Our Full 17-Email Countdown & Launch Sequence ($1,000 Value)

This is the longest, most in-depth “FOMO” sequence we’ve ever written—and we can confidently say it’s our best one yet.

Want to save it for your archives (and use it as inspiration for a Product Promotion email sequence of your own)?

We’re giving you all of it!

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9 educational emails leading up to launch day

3 emails promoting $100 “upgrade credit” for the first 72 hours

2 emails removing $100 “upgrade credit” but adding 2-pay payment plan for the last 48 hours

3 emails upselling our Product Promotion Blueprint to anyone who bought Full Stack Writer

[BONUS] An Exclusive 1-Hour Live Q&A With Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole ($250 Value)

But that’s not all.

You’ll also be invited to a private Q&A with us on Thursday December 14th where we will answer any and all of your questions. This will give you plenty of time to go through Full Stack Writer and our Product Promotion Blueprint—so you can come prepared with any follow-ups you might have.

We’ll be talking about:

All 7 skills in Full Stack Writer (and how they connect)

Our ENTIRE launch strategy, how it went, and what we would do differently next time

Share revenue numbers, upsell percentages, and how we’re thinking of leveraging these products in the future

And answer ANY questions you have about all the above!

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Total Value: $1,500

Private Espresso Hour Recording ($150 VALUE)

Our Raw Project Launch Files ($100 Value)

Our Full 17-Email Countdown & Launch Sequence ($1,000 Value)

[BONUS] Exclusive 1-Hour Live Q&A With Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole ($250 Value)

But you can get INSTANT access to all the resources inside our Product Promotion Blueprint for just $149.

But only for the next...

Ready To Make Your Next Launch A Massive Success?

If you're reading this, you might be asking yourself:

“Dickie… Cole… why are you sharing this? Don’t you want to keep this for yourself?”

To which we would reply:


The point of life isn’t to hoard information. It’s to share information.

And withholding the things we have learned “work” doesn’t help us on our mission to empower 1,000,000 people to start writing online, and to make a living writing on the Internet.

(Besides… it’s a nice forcing function for us to stay at the top of our game and keep innovating!)

So, please don’t feel bad for stealing our entire launch sequence & strategy.

We WANT you to have it.

And we want you to experience the same life-changing outcomes we have been fortunate to experience ourselves.

But, as usual, we only want to reward people who want to take ACTION...

Which is why this offer is even more limited than Full Stack Writer.

So, if you're serious about building a 6 (or even 7) figure writing business in 2024, then this is your chance.

We hope you take advantage!



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