Ship 30 for 30:

Start Writing Online,

Build Your Audience, And Own Your Niche

Ship 30 for 30 is the premier Digital Writing program on the Internet—compressing a year’s worth of (painful) writing learnings down into a fun 30-day sprint.

By the end, you will have mastered the art of writing online.

Still got questions? We're here to help!

Here's everything you will get instant access to once you join:

The Ship 30 for 30 Curriculum. A 30-day intensive curriculum packed with examples, video lessons, and text-based modules breaking down everything you need to start writing online.

The Ship 30 for 30 Course Guide. A daily downloadable checklist to help you keep track of your progress and make sure you're implementing all your learnings as you through the course.

The Ship 30 for 30 Skool Community. A private community of writers with channels for different topics, platforms, & niches so you can connect with likeminded creators, make friends, and participate in community-curated experiences.

30 Days Of Writing Templates. 30-day step-by-step digital writing template pack and walkthrough to help you overcome the blank page.

Rapid-Fire Intros. As a member of the Ship 30 for 30 community, you will be able to use our rapid-fire introduction system to serendipitously meet other writers and creators.

LIFETIME ACCESS to the Ship 30 for 30 curriculum, library of bonuses, and Skool community.

[BONUS] The Lean Writing Method ($199 Value). A mini-course breaking down our exact framework for publishing high-quality content, across many different platforms, every single day for years on end.

[BONUS] Become Known For A Niche You Own ($299 Value). A crash course on Category Creation & how to differentiate yourself online as a writer & creator.

[BONUS] Build Your Audience On Autopilot ($199 Value). Get the blueprint we've used to grow our audience to 750,000 followers over the past 3 years (instead of wasting 10,000 hours "figuring it out" on your own).

[BONUS] Our Library Of Books ($100 Value). Free digital copies of our entire library of books: The 22 Laws of Digital Writing, The 5 Pillars of Digital Writing, The Art & Business of Online Writing, and The Art & Business of Ghostwriting.

Leave with 30 pieces of written content, your very own Social Blog, dozens of new opportunities, and a strong understanding of how to write online to accelerate your digital career

Is this a self-paced thing or is it cohort-based?

Ship 30 for 30 is 100% self-paced, with a community component.

As soon as you join, you will gain instant access to the entire 30-day curriculum hosted inside Skool (a community platform), as well as every single added resource and bonus listed here.

And you will have access to all of it *forever*.

So you can work your way through these as quickly or as leisurely as you want.

What commitment is required from me?

Again—we want to give you the flexibility to go as quickly (or as leisurely) as you'd like. So, it’ll be up to you.

But Ship 30 for 30 is structured in a way where even people with full-time jobs and kids can still succeed.

If you can allocate ~30 minutes to yourself each day, you will be able to breeze through Ship 30 for 30 no problem.

Can I buy one or some of these "mini-courses" separately?

Unfortunately, no.

Ship 30 for 30 is structured the way it is because we have learned EXACTLY what information you need, and what actions you need to take, in order to be successful.

If we started breaking it apart, we would be doing you a disservice.

Couldn't I just do this myself with all of the free content out there?

If you could, you would have already.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

Lifetime access!
Throughout the course, we provide you with several different accountability mechanisms.

We'll check in consistently to hear how things are going and make sure you're getting everything you need to get the most out of the course.

What if I've never written online before?

Then Ship 30 for 30 is perfect for you!

We’ve engineered this program so that even complete beginners (who don't even have active social media accounts) can get started and not get lost along the way.

What if I’ve been writing online for years. Will this teach me anything new?

Out of 10,000+ people taking Ship 30 for 30, we can honestly say that not once have we had someone go through the program and say, “I didn’t learn anything new.”

Even seasoned writers and best-selling authors!

Ship 30 for 30 is the premier digital writing program, and is everything legacy English programs have no clue how to teach: the fundamentals of writing on the Internet.

How is Ship 30 for 30 different from Premium Ghostwriting Academy?

Ship 30 for 30 is our beginner writing program, whereas Premium Ghostwriting Academy is our more advanced, more hands-on ghostwriting program.

Ship 30 for 30 sets the foundation for writing online, building an audience, and eventually monetizing through digital products. Whereas Premium Ghostwriting Academy trains writers on how to land high-ticket clients and monetize by providing a service.

Do you have a refund policy?

We want your Ship 30 for 30 investment to be 100% risk free.

So, our refund policy is very simple.

If you complete the entire 30-day writing program, complete all the modules, and implement all of our frameworks into your content for 30 days in a row, and STILL don’t feel like you extracted the value you hoped, send us your 30 pieces for the month and we will give you a full refund.

No questions asked.

The reason we put this stipulation in place is because we KNOW (again, after having 10,000+ people go through the program) that the frameworks and strategies we teach in Ship 30 for 30 work.

The variable we don’t have control over is that you have to be the one to put them into action.

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